Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Progressive Response: Civil Disobedience

Defy the Bush Tax Cuts

On Monday the American Left experienced what Republicans went through in August 1990.   That's when President Bush the First caved in to Democrats and abandoned his "read my lips -- no new taxes" pledge.   It split apart the Reagan coalition, created a primary challenge, gave rise to the Ross Perot candidacy and got Clinton elected in 1992.   Rank-and-file Republicans just had to take it.

Unlike those earlier partisans, today's American Left can fight back boldly.

Hate the Bush tax cuts?   Fight back -- pay your taxes at the pre-Bush rates.

This goes especially for lefty multimillionaires who asked Obama to raise taxes, like Soros, Buffet, Gates, John Kerry, and angry white millionaire liberal pundits like Frank Rich and Paul Krugman.   All the members of the "Let us play with our millions while we prevent you from getting to where we are" club.

Progressives can respond to Obama's cave-in with civil disobedience, and make the ultimate statement of principled progressive dissent:   pay your taxes at the Clinton tax rates.

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