Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shame on President Seligman

... President of the University of Rochester, for repeating in this morning's newspaper the falsehood-by-half-truth that choosing a Mayor by Special Election will give voters a meaningful chance to vote:

"Is a special election undemocratic?   Far from it.   Every registered voter can vote. Any party can nominate a candidate.   Write in candidates are permissible."
Sure they'll get to vote -- in a meaningless election.

Who gets the Democratic nomination in Rochester wins the election.   So the real election is the Democratic primary -- if there is one.   Which there won't be under the Special Election scenario.

A straightforward reality that can be grasped by any schoolboy, let alone a college President.

Shame on Seligman for promoting this shabby deception.

He should be feeling most un-selig about it.


AllanBlockhead said...

Yes, a shandeh un a charpeh

Anonymous said...

The Rochester Establishment wants Richards, since he is one of them (Genesee Valley Club swell, former Nixon partner, former CEO etc). They also know Richards wouldn't win an election against a real opponent because of what he did to the 700 at RG&E while stuffing his pockets with $10M in payoff money. Finally, they know the Democratic Party has no one else on its bench with the semblance of a brain or backbone. Hence, they are desperately hoping Richards can be slipped in with no opponent.

repoman said...

Acadamia and the media agree! I'm shocked, shocked!

They know that they know what's best for us. A real election; why bother? After all, look at what happened in November. That silly electorate can't be trusted to do the right thing.