Thursday, December 23, 2010

Johnson for Mayor

We've been knocking this thought around since last week, and hearing former Mayor Bill Johnson on Bob Smith's WXXI program yesterday solidified the idea.

Johnson represents the best hope for the people of the City to take back their right to pick their next mayor.   A true fusion candidacy, with the former Mayor nominated by the Greens, Republicans, Conservatives and the Independence Party, just might do the trick.

Tom Richards, a capable and otherwise admirable candidate, has tainted his reputation by signing on to Joe Morelle's sleazoid political fix to go around the voters -- and even the majority of Democratic Committee members -- to hand pick the next Mayor.

Bill Johnson would bring back to City Hall not just experience, but an enviable grasp of urban and municipal issues, and a towering intellectual integrity that's inspirational.

He'd be viewed by City voters, we think, as the real Democratic candidate in a Special Election in which the Democratic line on the ballot has been hijacked.

Go for it, Mayor Johnson.

Greens, Republicans, Conservatives and Independence Party Chairs:   you can make this happen.   Reach out to the former Mayor.   Stop Morelle's farce.


Harry Davis said...

Here are some excerpts from Mayor Johnson's excellent appearance on yesterday's Bob Smith Show, 1370AM in which the Mayor called the secret meeting at a "female council member's home by 5 members "illegal." ":

"Joe Morelle has found a loophole to pick next two Mayors. (Tom Richards & Lovely "Gantt" Warren).
"Call it a rat."

"She (Gantt-Warren) should not be given a gift."
We do not want a "hand-picked, pre-ordained" Mayor.

"People are not given a voice."

"Gonna happen in dead of winter. Go out & get a couple thousand signatures. Petitioning this way is NOT democratic.

"I will sit right across the table and debate Joe Morelle on this."

"This is a manufactured fictitious way" to choose a Mayor.
"Democrats are trying to reassert the power of the party organization."

Dana Miller was the fifth vote on city coucil. Dana, you MUST change your mind!

"We must look out if there are any other serious candidates. Green party will run a candidate."

How does a full legislative body legally hold a secret session --- closed to the public --- to debate and decide a legislative matter not statutorily exempt from the state Open Meetings Law? | Harry Davis: "Give 'em Hell, Harry!"

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting idea! Mayor Johnson, though a Democrat, was a Rochesterian first. He was not controlled by the party, always doing what he thought was right for the city. He can work with the current City Council composition, could bring back some valuable former City Hall employees who left, and could run the city much more effectively than it has run in the Duffy era. He collaborated with the County Executive and would help us all through a tough period of time with foresight. I live in the city and though I am a Republican, could vote for him in a heartbeat!