Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We Told You So!

"Don't be surprised to see now-County Court Judge Geraci, who is widely respected among lawyers and judges, as our next federal judge."

-- Mustard Street,   January 3, 2012

"The president announced Monday that he had nominated Monroe County Judge Frank Paul Geraci Jr. for the federal bench for the Western District of New York."

-- Wall Street Journal,   May 15, 2012

Our piece on the story behind it all is bumped, below.


Anonymous said...

Knowing politics as it is, this is a likely explanation.

It is the nature of the business and shame on Green for not playing ball. He got what was coming.

Philbrick - surely you must admit this would have been the same outcome in GOP circles. Moreover, Green would not have ended up with a cushy State job either if it was in the GOP.

Be honest....

Anonymous said...

At this point it's clearly obvious that Joe Morelle screwed over Mike Green and that Green's own mistakes helped destroy him, but the Democrat & Chronicle will protect Joe til the very end and claim it was those mean and nasty republicans all along simply because Joe says so.

Man it must be nice having the local paper do your dirty work for you.

rochester_veteran said...

So true about the D&C covering for Joe Morelle's throwing of Mike Green under the bus and the Dems making it out to be that the big, bad Republicans were behind it.

Speaking of cushy jobs, now that Alesi is not running for the NY 55th Senate seat, I wonder if Cuomo will give him a "consultant" position in his administration or a NY Authority job as his reward for flip-flopping on the gay marriage vote?