Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Last Kiss-Off

Bumped from January 3, 2012

Last Spring, then-DA Mike Green antagonized the Democratic hierarchy by refusing to step down from office, to permit Chairman Joe Morelle's choice for DA, Judge Frank Geraci, to be apppointed to the vacancy and run in November as an incumbent.

For the Party the story ended happily.   Candidate Sandra Doorley won big and does not appear motivated to create political problems for Chairman Morelle and Party HQ.

Then came payback, with Morelle pulling the rug from under Green's nomination for federal judge.   It wasn't for the sake of vindictiveness alone.   Although public discussion has focused on City Court Judge Theresa Johnson as replacement nominee, an alternate possibility now being discussed is ... Judge Frank Geraci.   It would be one final kiss-off from Chairman Morelle to Green.

A cosmic, nearly mathematical, symmetry.   Green blocked Geraci from getting the DA job Morelle wanted Geraci to have.   Now Geraci would get what Green described as his "dream job."   Green loses the judgship and Chairman Morelle can advance the career of Geraci, something Green prevented last year.

Don't be surprised to see now-County Court Judge Geraci, who is widely respected among lawyers and judges, as our next federal judge.

One does not defy Chairman Morelle with impunity.

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