Thursday, May 24, 2012

If YOU Don't Know, the Answer is "No"

On Tuesday of this week I received a request to connect on Linkedin with someone I had not previously met.   Now, this does happen from time to time as people are looking to network more and more.   Especially with people like myself in the "Sales World".

This time I was a bit surprised to see that it was former Assemblyman David Koon.   I don't know David and have never met him.   I accepted the request and wrote a quick note asking why he reached out.   This is typically my response to those who I haven't met prior to connecting on Linkedin.

His response was "Just asking people if I should run for my old Assembly seat.   What do you think?"

As a former candidate I knew more than anything that I was going to run, no matter what anyone else had to say about it (other than my wife).   Especially someone I had never met from an opposing party that doesn't live in my district.

David, if you don't know, then the answer is probably "No."   But you don't have to take it from me.   I live in Morelle's district.


Anonymous said...

Not sure why you think it is important to "report" this.

Steve Zodiac said...

Come on, Anonymous! A former holder of an Assembly seat weighing whether to fight to get his seat back is political news. And that is what we write about.

Richard Tyson said...
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Richard Tyson said...

I wrote about this because I find it odd that a former Democratic Assemblyman is reaching out to random Republicans that don't live in his district to ask if he should run again. As a former candidate I had a very short list of people that I looked for support from and the list didn't involve Democrats that I had never met that didn't live in the city. (Why would it?) Whether it is important or not is not the question. I am a blogger for Mustardstreet and this is what I chose to write about. Don't like it, don't read it.

Anonymous said...

what we have heard here in Koon's
old district is that he and his son
Jason(former ER mayor)are going to open-up a Pizza Shop together.
There's plenty of Govt'money and
tax breaks available for such bold
ventures,and if it fails(as there are already about a 100 pizza joints in the area)they can always blame Maggie Brooks(or George Bush).Ex-politicos need to get a real life,stop the whining and self-pity.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tyson - you reached out to and met with several Democrats during the period of time leading up to your run for City Council. I know this to be true and if you deny it you are a liar.

Your email address and Mr. Koons' must have been crossed paths in the Linkiden network. Surely he would not have sent you an email knowing you were a Republican that would take a cheap shot at him.

Mr. "Zodiak" - I have come to the clear conclusion that you folks at Mustard Street hold Democrats to a different standard than you hold Republicans and Conservatives.

If you want to debate that based on your site's history, lets get started.

Anonymous said...

Well I for one hope Dave Koon runs.

There was a lot of stuff packed tightly away in his closet that never came out in the last election because of the type of race run against him and maybe this time it will and Koon will go away for good!

Richard Tyson said...

I did meet with Democrats prior to running, that is true. They were all residents of the city and some of them reached out to me to offer words of wisdom and encouragement. The BIG difference is that I already knew I was going to run prior to those meetings.

Second, You have apparently never used Linkedin. One has to consciously send a request to connect and type a message. If he couldn't be bothered to look at my profile and notice that it indicates that I am an executive member of the City Republican Committee then he deserves to be a bit embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tyson,
In what capacity are you serving on the executive board of the Rochester Republican Committee? As I understand it, Eric Stowe is the current Eastside Leader.