Thursday, May 3, 2012

"One of the worst attendance records in the House last year"

That's today's New York Times, on Rep. Louise Slaughter.

Too bad Rochester doesn't have a local watchdog newspaper, to report news like this.   Instead we depend on an out-of-town paper.

So much for the hype about "giving it to us local."


HenryWoods said...

Philbrick, looking forward to reading your analysis of the Brooks-Slaughter race as well as your take on which of the Five might be our next County Executive.

Anonymous said...

WTF are you talking about? The D&C has beaten Slaughter's attendance record like a dead horse. It's been mentioned in articles about her three days in a row.

"But isn’t it fair to wonder whether sending someone who will by 83 years old to Washington is wise? Isn’t it fair game to talk about her poor attendance record?" - Nestor Ramos , May 6, 2012

"Slaughter missed 83 votes, or 8.7 percent, in 2011. This year, she missed 16 votes before her April 2 fall, and 41 votes after, or 29 percent of the votes so far this year" - Jill Terreri, May 5, 2012

Plenty of reasons to criticize the D&C, but this isn't one of them

Lucy said...

Sorry, Anonymous, but they don't get away with it that easily.

First, the D&C story appeared several days after the NY Times report. When I posted about the Times story, there hadn't been anything yet in the D&C.

Second, in Jill Terrieri's article on Saturday, the D&C did a good job of camouflaging the info on Slaughter's attendance. It gave raw statistics, with no context or comparison.

What those statistics add up to is what the Times reported: Slaughter had "one of the worst attendance records in the House last year."

The Times has since scrubbed that line from the online version of its article. Slaughter's agents are everywhere! Not just in the editors' offices at the D&C.

Anonymous said...

The difference in coverage between the Buffalo News and the Democrat & Chronicle is simply astonishing.

I consider myself to be a news hawk, and its clear that Louise Slaugher has gotten a free pass from the D&C on the matter of attendance. Prior to the stores that appeared in the D&C in the last few days, I cannot recall reading ANYTHING in the D&C about Slaughter's attendance.

What else aren't they telling us about Louise Slaughter?

Anonymous said...

anon 12:56, WTF are YOU talking about? "beaten her attendance record like a dead horse." Are you INSANE?!? The D&C ADORES Slaughter and has done everything it can to protect her and cover up her failures over the years.

It's a JOKE to suggest that the newspaper goes after her as aggressively as they do Republican candidates or electeds.

The D&C DESPISES the GOP and for every "attacking" story they write about a Democrat, they writes HUNDREDS about republicans.

And if you suggest any reason other than the FACT that the newspaper is BIASED you my friend are not from this universe!