Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Vandalism

Bill Taylor signs being ripped down right now in Irondequoit.


Anonymous said...

Democrat party boss Joe Morelle is desperate. Polls show Sandy Frankel getting pounded by Maggie Brooks and Sandra Doorley losing handily to Bill Taylor.

Morelle golden boy Vinny Esposito is poised to lose to newcomer Joe Carbone with more seats to be picked up by Republicans in the County Legislature.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Morelle is pulling out all the stops and directing his people to tear down lawn signs.

Lets just hope that at least one of these idiots gets caught on tape doing so.

Anonymous said...

there is the more realistic response to this asnine blog post: those crazy teenagers and their mischief. Silly to think bored and rebellious kids don't trespass and kick over a lawn sign right... yeah that never happens.

Lucy said...

Anonymous 11/2/11 12:31pm --

When "crazy teenagers" pull down someone's candidate signs, they whack them all. And they just trash them, leaving the remains behind

What crazy teenagers don't do is to vandalize ONLY the Taylor signs and leave the house's other candidate signs alone. What they also don't do is take the signs away, so they can't be re-used. This has been the uniform pattern county-wide.

Assume you're writing from Democratic Headquarters, where the directive to steal Taylor signs obviously came from.