Sunday, October 30, 2011

D&C Endorses Bill Taylor!

I opened the paper and almost went into cardiac arrest.

Recovering, I could only wonder what happened to Sandra Doorley in her endorsement interview.

Mr. Taylor's outstanding qualifications and leadership tower above most of his contemporaries in political life.   Recently we noted,

When a Republican candidate is overwhelmingly qualified and intelligent, and usually when there's something a little underwhelming about the Dem, then sometimes the RBA under its current leadership and the D&C will endorse the R, after agonizing debate, which they'll often reference when making their announcement.
True to form, this morning's editorial said,   "The board reached this endorsement decision after a vigorous and angst-filled internal discussion."   I'll bet.

We think the same explanation applies to the paper's unexpected endorsement of Maggie Brooks for re-election as County Executive: the overwhelmingly qualified and capable versus the underwhelming opponent.

Credit to the Democrat and Chronicle for accepting the evidence of its own eyes and ears.


Anonymous said...

I fully expected Brooks to be endorsed. They always endorse the R when they know that his/her victory is a forgone conclusion. It helps create the illusion of balance. To that end, I wonder what role was played in the Board's decision by the D&C poll showing Taylor up by 9.

Anonymous said...

I am glad the Taylor commercial that aired the last couple of days or so better defined him. His resume is substantially different from hers.

I believe they endorsed him because of her stupid remarks on Lonsberry and what must have been an awful interview...coupled with his obviously superior intellect!

Anonymous said...

When Taylor is such a smokin' better choice that EVEN THE D&C has to back him, it speaks volumes.

Almost equivalent to the Democratic Party cross-endorsing Taylor.

Nickie said...

The other guy who nearly had a coronary had to be Joe Morelle!

Anonymous said...

Don't the Dems have ANYONE who could have even coached or prepped Doorley for five minutes, either for the Lonsberry interview or the D & C interview? She clearly did not prepare. On Lonsberry, she admitted she spent all of her judgeship campaign money ($100K)very quickly and then went on vacation?!? I hope she saved some of her money for resume paper!