Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Giving Senility a Bad Name

Public nuisance Louise Slaughter calls for "retroactive recusal" of Justice Clarence Thomas from Supreme Court decisions he's joined.   She says "We're working on it."

Maybe a judge can recuse himself from a case already decided.   But isn't it something the judge has to do himself?

If whatever mysterious "we" Slaughter claims to be working with thinks they can do it themselves, they're saying they can overturn Supreme Court decisions.   Short of a constitutional amendment, that's something that can't happen.

It's hard to find reports in the formerly mainstream media about this latest ranting of Slaughter's, made on last night's Keith Olbermann show.   Which suggests they recognize this as a symptom of something not good about Slaughter's condition, and are covering up for her.


Anonymous said...

Poor Louise doesen't look any better since the Face Lift last Spring.Maybe she needs some more get Well cards.She is an Embarrassment to UpState NY.

Anonymous said...

Slaughter is supporting violent protesters. She's a lunatic who needs to be given her walking papers asap.