Friday, October 28, 2011

How to Write a Negative Ad Against Yourself

I'm in a cruel mood this morning, so I thought I'd post verbatim most of Sandy Frankel's answer to the following question asked in last night's County Executive debate:

Q.   Tom Adams, Rochester Business Journal:   Sandy, if you are elected, what would you do that is not being done now, in order to create jobs in Monroe County?

A. Sandy Frankel:   I would refocus our efforts in Monroe County to create jobs here for Monroe County residents, with priority of hiring local people in public-sector jobs and encouraging that in private work as well. We need to focus on the specific strengths that we have: optics, infotonics, medical services and medical research technology, environmental sustainability and the cultural initiatives that we have here which are world-class. And we need to partner with businesses, with labor, with communities, with [the] faith community and bring people together, so that we can develop a strategic plan that isn't scattershot.

Right now, COMIDA gives abatements and exemptions to almost everyone who walks in the door. I would reform COMIDA and would put in place policies that not only create jobs by recruiting, retaining and growing jobs here in Monroe County, but I would also focus on young people, on veterans, on displaced workers and make sure that they have the training they neeed, and retraining, theough MCC and other educational outlets, so thaqt they have the skills needed when these new jobs come into our community. We've got some great opportunities, great strengths.
No comment necessary.   And I have to contrast it with the rebuttal from Maggie Brooks:
Maggie Brooks:   What can we do better? There's one thing that drives business from this state and we can't run away from it:   it's high property taxes. Property taxes are 79% above the national average in New York State. We will always lack competitiveness if we can't get to the issue of high property taxes in New York State. That's why we have held the line on property taxes for 8 straight years in Monroe County. We will continue to do so. It's an important commitment for jobs and to bolster the local economy.
You can see the whole debate on Channel 10's website. What I quoted comes about two-thirds of the way through Part I.


AllanBlockhead said...

Phil, you don't miss much! Looking forward to seeing your commentary on the 2012 Congressional redistricting and elections.

Philbrick said...

You have Lucy to thank for this one.

Anonymous said...

Sandy Frankel is a complete idiot. Her 10 minute diatribe doesn't even make sense. Do you even think she knew what she was saying or did a whole bunch of liberal buzz words pour out of her mouth and she just assumed it was a response to the moderator's question?

Actually, I can't decide if frankel is a complete idiot or a total tool.