Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let the Games Begin

With the last, or at least most recent, of the lawsuits against the process dismissed, the race for Mayor of Rochester between former Mayor Bill Johnson and former Corporation Counsel Tom Richards has begun in earnest.

Richards begins with formidable advantages, including the full weight of the Democratic machine behind him and the party's line on the ballot.

Johnson has come out strongly, repaying the favor of over-the-top Johnson-bashing by Democratic Chairman Joe Morelle with some pointed questioning of Richards' role in the sell-off of RG&E when Richards was CEO.   The sale left Richards with a $10 million payout and hundreds of local residents jobless.   Johnson is right in saying this reflects on Richards' experience in a chief executive role.

In all respects, especially because of the short time-frame of a special election, this will be an unusual campaign.


Anonymous said...

Every time I see or hear Richards, he acts and sounds like the whole notion of campaigning and/or being opposed is just a big PIA for him! Apparently, seeking opinions of residents is beneath him.

Anonymous said...

The sale of RG&E reflects the trend of foreign companies owning US based power generation and distribution assets.
Consequently, this article leaves me with an interpretation that a vote for Richards is equivalent to encouraging a foreign take over the City. Perhaps the British will take it back.

Howling Mad Murdock