Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How NPR Insiders Talk Among Themselves

Same thing you'd hear at a Democrat and Chronicle staff meeting:

Senior National Public Radio executive calls Republicans "not just Islamaphobic, but really xenophobic, I mean basically they are, they believe in sort of white, middle-America gun-toting. I mean, it’s scary. They’re seriously racist, racist people.”

By the way, he's also "very proud" of NPR's firing of its former analyst Juan Williams.

And he reassures two men posing as members of a Muslim Brotherhood front group that you won’t find “Zionist or pro-Israel” ideas inside NPR.

Like we didn't know that already.

Whole story and video here.

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Anonymous said...

The new president of NPR Joyce Slocum has made large donations to political candidates. All to Democrats. Expect anything new?