Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Us!

We almost forgot!   Mustard Street first appeared four years ago today.

We do this blog to consider political matters, mostly those specific to Rochester, New York and the region around it.

To provide information the mainstream media suppresses.

To present original analysis of the matters we report, or about which we comment.

We strive for good writing.   We assume a literate readership.

Our interest is in ideas.   Our satisfaction is in expressing them clearly and, we hope, with a sense of humor.

We criticize intellectual dishonesty in public policies and public figures.   We seek to expose corrupt journalism trying to pass as straight news.   We condemn political cowardice in those whose constituents count on them to address the issues of the day forthrightly.

On behalf of my colleagues Lucy, Rich Tyson, Steve Zodiac, Joshua, Mycroft, Fat Tony and His Grace The Archbishop of Yentaberry, we thank you for visiting Mustard Street, and for considering what we have to say.

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Earl Gonzales said...

Happy Birthday Mustard Street, we wish you many more. We at MonroeRising appreciated your link when we started. We get plenty of cross traffic and hope our link to you does the same.