Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Johnson to Have Republican Line?

Former Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson met last week with County Republican Chairman Bill Reilich.

Will Johnson get the Republican ballot line in the upcoming Special Election if he doesn't win the Democratic nomination, or in addition to it?

We don't think so.   Monroe Republicans are in full "play it safe" mode in an election year for the County Executive.   They won't run the risk that Tom Richards might win, then do what he can to make life as difficult as possible for Maggie Brooks between now and the election, in order to return the favor of Republicans backing Johnson.

We wish it were otherwise.   The maddening thing about the wimp factor in the thinking of local Republicans is that (a) it can be frustrating to the party's base, and (b) experience teaches that it's usually the smarter thing to do politically.

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Anonymous said...

Take a look at Richards' contributor list and there are an awful lot of wealthy Republicans, so the question is not will the GOP endorse Johnson, but will it endorse Richards? The answer should be 'no' and 'no', since a Johnson endorsement would tick off the GOP fat cats, while a Richards endorsement would re-ignite the city-county feud after Johnson wins the election (which is where my money is going). Why? All Johnson has to do is keep repeating like a mantra, 700 for 10 million, 700 for 10 million...