Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chris Lee Resigning!

First Massa the tickler, then Alesi's lawsuit, now this!

The married Lee resigns after being caught trolling for women on Craigslist.   He didn't let any grass grow:   no sooner did the Craigslist item break than he announced his resignation.

Update - 6:22 pm

Rottenchester (see comments) put his finger on it:   "If everyone who cheated on their spouse resigned from Congress, DC would be a ghost town."

And it's a woman, and she's over 18, and he resigns?

But here's the thing we really can't figure out.   Here's a relatively young, nice-looking guy who's a member of Congress and a multi-millionaire.   Forgive a momentary lapse into frat-house speak, but he can be getting laid something rotten down in Washington, without even trying.   And he's looking for action on Craigslist?

See, kids, this is where we self-styled political sophisticates who think we understand the workings of the political world and can anticipate behavor and events will always be in the dark.

We never make allowance for the possibility of total, stupefying, stupidity on the part of political figures.   We never anticipate or make allowance for the stupidity factor.   It's our blind spot.   So we're left gobsmacked at news of an Alesi lawsuit, or Lee's Craigslist activity.


Rottenchester said...

Why the hell did he quit? He just cost the NY taxpayers a bunch of money as well as leaving his constituent unrepresented for months.

Unlike Massa, who was accused of harassing his staff, Lee just allegedly cheated on his wife. If everyone who cheated on their spouse resigned from Congress, DC would be a ghost town.

Anonymous said...

There has to be more to this...or he wouldn't have resigned so abruptly....more will be revealed...

Anonymous said...

Of course it took a nanosecond for the wannabes to start their "I can do this" appeals. Maggie in Monroe County, plus a whole gaggle of Buffalo area politicos. And the district might not even exist in 2012. Get out the popcorn...

Anonymous said...

btw, did any of the GOP politico "experts" ever really question why Chris Lee was a congressman in the first place? Tom Reynolds and Steve Minarik engineered his winning the GOP slot before anyone knew who Lee was. Someone should have pointed out that by that point in their careers, neither Reynolds or Minarik could care less about quality candidates, but only about money. Lee did have money, and that's the only reason he became a congressman to begin with. Sad, sad state of GOP affairs.

Anonymous said...

Think that Matt Zeller would run for the seat? True, he would be called a carpetbagger but, having watched him campaign so effectively against Tom Reed (he even carried Tom's HOMETOWN---Corning!!!), methinks this would be a good investment by the Dems. After all, word on the street is that, following reapportionment, the Lee and Reed districts very well may be combined. And with it being a special, up-or-down one-office contest...Zeller would be a helluva presentable candidate for national coverage. As you can see, I was impressed by his campaign down in our Steuben County!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Matt, we know you need a job, but no one would take you seriously. You won Corning? Great. Total population of Corning is less than most suburbs of Buffalo and Rochester. Run for the local school board or town council, and get rid of that annoying (and eerie) habit of channeling Massa when you speak.

Anonymous said...

Matt Zeller would have to pretend he lived out this way again. We'd hear how his fourth cousins twice removed drove through Erie County one time which makes it him a hometown boy there too!

Please Matty, stop wasting everyone's time and stay in Washington which is where you really live. You have as much chance as that fool Jon Powers running for the job.

BTW, didn't Powers get a cushy FEDERAL job after he got his butt whooped by Kathy Konst in the primary? That means the Hatch Act prevents that liar from running.

If you're wondering what I mean by calling Powers a liar, check out all the hype he leaked to the press about all the community centers he opened up in Iraq to help all the poor children over there.

Just don't tell anyone he NEVER OPENED UP A SINGLE ONE!

Lying POS Liberal Democrap.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Chris Lee is opening up a new franchise of Gold's Gyms.

As for cheating on a spouse, be cautious of judging people based on what you would do.

Best wishes,
Howling Mad Murdock.