Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Deals Were Made? What Pressure Was Applied?

So what behind-the-scenes deals and pressure tactics were used to get Saturday's Rochester City Democratic Convention delegates to acquiesce in the predetermined selection of Tom Richards for Mayor?

Who was promised what?

Who was threatened -- maybe with loss of a job, or a relative's job?   Or maybe threatened with a terminated political career?

What do you know?   If you have information, let us know at:


Anonymous said...

Maybe there were "deals", but no one will ever know about them. Like most political deals, there are no documents or other fingerprints. What is clear, however, is that Duffy, Morelle and Richards are very tight. Equally clear is that they don't like Bill Johnson. Duffy's legacy to Rochester was killing RenSq to spite Maggie, Morelle's legacy to Rochester was playing patsy for Sheldon Silver and Louise Slaughter all these years to get himself promoted to something (although its still not clear what), and Richards legacy to Rochester was selling RG&E to pocket $10 million, and to hell with the 700 coworkers who got thrown out on the street. These 3 deserve each other. No matter what you think of Bill Johnson, as a man of integrity he's several notches above Duffy, Morelle and Richards combined.

Anonymous said...

Indeed there were all of those things, but no one will ever come out and admit it...if they did they would be crushed....