Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ugly License Plates Explained

I got my new license plates the other day.   The colors are hideous.   If that weren’t bad enough, they clash with my burgundy car.   The overall look is dreadful!  It made me wonder about the reason for a change in plates and what color car I would have to own to appreciate these terrible colors.

I think I've figured it out.   So there's Governor Paterson and his budget advisors discussing cost-cutting measures and why it is necessary to take money away from our children and their schools.   The Governor agrees that school cuts must be made so that welfare recipients won’t be harmed in any way.   Paterson then laments that something must be done to compensate the schools for their loss. Overhearing this conversation, a staffer says “I bet that they would just love to have license plates that match the school buses!”

There you have it.   The schools are happy and won’t sue the state.   The welfare crowd is happy because the checks keep coming.   All I have to do is make sure my next car is school bus yellow, to match the new plates.

In farce, as in other dramatic forms, everybody plays his part.

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