Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Duffy's Convention Claims vs. the Truth

So Lt. Gov. - candidate Duffy brags to the Democratic State convention about his record on taxes as Mayor of Rochester:

"Duffy said too many New Yorkers are suffering and noted how the median household income in Rochester is about $29,000. He said government should not put more burdens on New Yorkers, saying he was able to lower taxes in Rochester during his nearly five years in office."   -- Joe Spector, Gannett Albany Bureau Chief
Let’s see what Mr. Mayor doesn’t tell the crowd about the five City Budgets he has been responsible for:
Source: City of Rochester Budgets 2005/06 – 2010/11

1.   City spending increased 3 times totaling $55 million;

2.   Typical Homestead (residential) Burden Increased 4 times (Property Tax and Service Charges)

3.   Typical Non-Homestead (businesses) Burden Increased 4 times (Property Tax and Local Works Charge)

4.   Property Tax Rate
•   Homestead tax increased 2 times
•   Non-Homestead tax (i.e., on businesses) increased 3 times
5.   Typical Homestead Service Charges (Water, Refuse & Local Works) increased 4 times
Maybe Duffy was talking about Rochester, Minnesota.


Anonymous said...

Lucy, where did you get those numbers from? I would like to do some more research on Rochester's budget levels and taxes under Duffy.

Is there a way I could private message you?

Lucy said...

Contact me through the blog's e-mail: