Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Does Dan Maffei Know What He's Spending Our Money On?

A friend just gave me a copy of Congressman Dan Maffei’s recent taxpayer-funded mailing.

Checking out the accomplishments Maffei boasts about, I see a blurb about a grant for $500,000 for repaving a runway at the Williamson Airport in Wayne County.   Next to the blurb is a photo of a commercial passenger airplane on a runway.

Does Dan Maffei know what he's talking about?

The Williamson Airport is a tiny airport owned by the Williamson Flying Club, a private social club for local pilots.   I asked my cousin in Sodus, who's a pilot (not a member of the club) about the airport.   No commercial passenger plane could land or take off there, because the runway's too short!   Internet research confirmed this.   And the proposed repaving won't lengthen the runway.

Makes you question whether Mr. Maffei has actually been to the Williamson Airport, whether he ever reviewed his taxpayer-funded mailing, or whether he reviewed what he was funding in the first place.

Or maybe the idea was just to throw a wad of money at anything at all in the district, to have something to talk about for re-election.

It certainly attracted the attention of the CBS Evening News, which used the Maffei funding of the airport as Exhibit A in a report on questionable uses of federal stimulus funds.

Maffei's largesse with our money also made the "Oh, My Gov!" website, devoted to chronicling "governments's wonders and blunders:"

One such airport is Williamson Flying Club in Upstate New York.   The private club, whose members must be approved by a country club-like vote and pay a $345 membership fee plus $30 in monthly dues and fees, recently received $555,000 in stimulus money to repave its runway.
Congressman Maffei:   Who are you trying to fool?


conservative generation said...

Great post Lucy! I'll be reposting at UPR.

Anonymous said...

Did the Democrat's Chronicle cover this?

Anonymous said...

@9:03, of course not. It's a factual story on shady or poor decisions made by a democrat elected official.

They don't write those kinda stories. If Lucy wrote a post on how Dan Maffei saved an airport that almost closed and kept the couple of jobs there intact (no mention of it being a private one for the richie riches of the world) then the D&C, WHEC, WROC & WHAM would be all over it.

They loves them some Dan Maffei!