Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"I Don't Want to Be Taxed to Pay for Somebody Else's Health Care"

The silent majority is finding its voice.

Traditionally, it's the Left that turns out to protest rallies, local government meetings, etc.

Our people are working, or are home taking care of their kids, instead of going out to ask the government to do it for them.

But as government demands more tribute, ordinary citizens are speaking out more and more. It's been happening across the country for months, although meticulously ignored by the mainstream media.

Check out these recent examples of citizens holding members of Congress to account recently (and thanks to Drudge for bringing them to our attention):

Long Island


Austin, Texas


Anonymous said...

Good post. Nice to see people waking up and speaking their mind. Too bad the left will just call them racists. It's their usual tactic.

Greece Gabber said...

I too don't want more tax but we are already paying for it. Everytime an uninsured goes to teh ER for minor ailments. Medicare is forced on seniors at $100 month and itself does not even cover the cost of routine care? Is that not the same as forced health care that does not work, so why not the uproar about medicare? And I ask that of both Dems and Repubs.