Saturday, July 18, 2009

County Legislator Carrie Andrews' Campaign On Life Support?

Carrie Andrews Ignores District At Her Own Peril

Mingya, this is big. County Legislator Carrie Andrews' campaign is on life support. Someone filed petitions against her for a Democratic Primary and she didn't know anything about it until she got a phone call from the Board of Elections -- a real sign that she has very limited contact and connection with the people she represents.

To make matters worse, Andrews filed with far fewer signatures than is customarily recommended. Most candidates try to file with at least 50% more than they need to qualify for the ballot. In a sign of arrogance or laziness, or maybe both, Carrie filed with about 100 signatures more than she needed.

This seat will remain Democratic regardless of what happens to Carrie, but this is a shocking development. We will be following this and will keep you posted.


AllanBlockhead said...

Hey Tony,

How ya doin'? Do you hear of any Independence primaries in the County Legislature races?

Will we see any more Robutrad bombshells drop before Election Day?

Anonymous said...

Having a second candidate for that district was definitely not a mistake ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it wasn't. Andrews is a horrible rep who doesn't do a damn thing but pander to the party bosses. The public be damned!