Friday, July 3, 2009

Cultural Curiosity

What do Farrah Fawcett and Sammy Davis, Jr. have in common?

Each died the same day as another celebrity, news of whose death instantly overshadowed the news of each of them.

In Fawcett's case the other celebrity, of course, was Michael Jackson.   In Davis's case it was Jim Henson, creator of the "Muppets."   In neither case did the other celeb seem to have reason for more claim on the news than Fawcett or Davis, but, nevertheless, received vastly more posthumous press attention.

Fawcett and Michael Jackson started life as attractive people; later they disfigured themselves with plastic surgery.   That seems to us to be their only enduring legacy, as examples of what not to do.   Jacko, of course also encumbered himself with the kiddie issue.   (What does Michael Jackson like about twenty-eight year olds?   There are twenty of them!)

Anyone have an idea why the press paid more attention to Muppet Man than to Sammy, or to Jacko over Farrah?

We don't care, but as observers of the culture, we're curious.

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Allan Blockhead said...

Where have I seen that hairstyle before?