Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh, Henry!

Republican insiders are wondering how Chairman Bill Reilich, and the other three upstate Republican county chairmen who endorsed Manhattanite Ed Cox for the state chairmanship last week, will find a dignified way to get behind Niagara County GOP Chairman Henry Wojtaszek.

Eventually they'll have to.   For the sake of their county organizations, and ultimately for their counties, it's better done sooner than later.

It shouldn't be difficult.   Almost immediately after Reilich and the other three announced for Cox, current State Chairman Joe Mondello said he was stepping down.   Mondello's giving his support to Wojtaszek.   Especially with Rudy Giulani coming out publicly for the Niagara chairman, this changes things considerably.  Reilich and the others now have the best of reasons to get behind the able and effective upstater Wojtaszek.

By the way, it's more than speculation:  Giuliani coming out for Wojtaszek means that Rudy's running for governor.  (This is why we say the upstate county chairmen who last week backed Cox will have to shift to Wojtaszek.)   Cuomo will be a tough oppponent, but the incipient national Democratic meltdown could be timed just right for a Giulani candidacy.

Courtesy of the New York Daily News, here's the weighted vote by county for the state GOP chairmanship.

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Superb Jon said...

They are all lawyers and can't run the party. Cox has platinum spoons up his gut and says he "ran a business" when all he did was run the federal synthetics fuels and then go work for his former boss in Texas. They know nothing about demographics, segmentation, targeting, logistics, human factors, petitioning, registering new voters, redistricting, demand printing, telephonics at the same time that Obama delivered his people on the streets with precision targeted cellular texting.