Thursday, March 20, 2008

Short List to Replace Reynolds

With Congressman Tom Reynolds now bowing out, attention turns to who might replace him as Republican nominee for the 26th congressional district.

State Senators tend to have a built-in advantage in these situations because of the size of their districts.   In this case an obvious person to look to would be Sen. George Maziarz, whose state senate district covers about 70% of the 26th CD.

Maybe the geography of the thing will do it for Maziarz.   However, he has a record and a reputation as an uninspiring, regulation-issue Albany RINO (Republican in name only).

A far better pick for the GOP would be Greece Supervisor John Auberger.   While his constituency holds down the far eastern corner of the congressional district, Auberger is one of the very best and brightest in the local political world, with the political skills and sophistication to run a winning campaign and to make the most of the office for his constituents.   We can see him rising in the Congressional Republican leadership once he got there

Auberger is widely admired within his own party for ability, smarts and hard work.   He is admired, in particular, by those other senior Republicans who themselves are considered among the best and brightest in their party.

The geography of the district would pose a challenge to an Auberger candidacy, but for us in Monroe County he'd be the best possible replacement for Reynolds.

UPDATE -- 3/23/2008

Our first correspondent in the Comments section is right. Senator George Maziarz's district overlaps only with about 20% of the 26th congressional district.


Anonymous said...

Take another look at the 26th District! By my count Mr. Maziarz is currently representing only about 20 per cent of the enrolled Republicans. Don't overlook that all of Livingston, Genesee and Wyoming Counties are in the district which geographically dwarfs the 62nd Senate District and has 25% of the Republicans! Assemblyman Dan Burling could be interested and he is a Vietnam Vet!

repoman said...

This race poses a lot of potential problems for GOP officeholders who may be considering a run.

George Maziarz, Dan Burling, good choices, but, would they be wise to give up seats they would be favored to hold for an uphill run for Congress? GOP votes in the State Legislature will be dear; it would be a shame to lose incumbents to a difficult battle for Congress.

As much as I like Tom Reynolds, his rather late decision will make it a bit more difficult for a Republican to hold the seat. Fundraising won't start in earnest until it is clear who the candidate is and that the candidate is viable.

Finally, the suggestion of a run by Jack Auberger is good, but unlikely. He would be a fine Congrssman, and he doesn't put any current office at risk. Still, George Maziarz has to be considered the front runner, given the geography.