Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Coming Up On Mustard Street

Your Mustard Street team has been busy researching these items that you can expect to see in the days ahead:

  • Does potential indictment loom for a figure of prominence?

  • Calling the Bluff of the ACLU and County Legislature Democrats on legal action to challenge the Public Defender's selection.

  • From Inside the Monopoly:   a look at the finances and business model behind the Democrat and Chronicle -- how it affects what's presented as "news," what's suppressed, how the paper contrives controversies to sell newspapers, and why it has to.

  • From the profane to the sacred:   We welcome our new, occasional contributor on matters of religion and society, the Archbishop of Yentaberry.

Looking longer-term, in the month or so ahead we'll be ready with what began as an in-depth look at one strange member of the County Legislature, and what has now grown into a look at all of them.   Who are these people?   Mustard Street is finding out!

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