Saturday, March 22, 2008

Let Us Speak of Holy Things

Sunday is Easter, which means that yours truly will be paying one of his shamefully infrequent visits to the little church down at the corner, here on dear old Mustard Street.   It's an ultra-orthodox denomination, at least in its fervent embrace of any doctrine, conduct or opinion whatsoever that deviates from anything "traditional."   The greater the deviation, the holier its sanctification.   Let's just call it The Church of What's Happenin' Now (with a grateful nod to the late Flip Wilson).

In the official teaching of our Happenin' Church, Christ was a socialist who was active in Nazareth's Democratic Party (as we've heard a fellow cynic put it).   In many of us this induces misgivings about Easter.   We're fine with the crucifixion part, but under the circumstances, that resurrection business seems unwise.

To mark the upcoming Holy Day, we will carry an inspirational message from our new contributor, to be known here as Leroy, The Archbishop of Yentaberry, Primate and spiritual leader of the worldwide Happenin' Communion.   The Archbishop will contribute from time to time on matters of religion and society -- as the Spirit moves him!

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