Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Alive



Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be Hillary addressing her campaign staff if she lost Ohio and Texas?

Philbrick said...

Actually, a follow-on to the theme we found in various sources, and wrote about on Monday, whereby the Clinton campaign is likened to iconic monsters that won't die.

Since then we've found similar references in the satirical Daily Squib:

"Hillary Clinton, who has never been filmed blinking and is a breed unto herself, sometimes has problems holding onto her human form. . . . Her true shape is only known to a few people in her close knit circle. . . . 'What you see in this video is only a partial human transformation. Hillary has lost control of her human cloak for a few seconds . . .' "

And another one:

"Hilary Clinton's tears have such a high acid ph value that they can burn through steel and pretty much any man made material... Hillary's tears are like the blood of the aliens from the movie 'Aliens' starring Sigourney Weaver. That stuff burns through anything and never stops."

Again we ask the question: What is it about this person that influences people toward the monster references?