Monday, April 16, 2007

Smart Buffalo

Thanks to that solid citizen the Water Buffalo, we've learned about a site devoted to protecting community heritage and way of life in Geneseo and other small towns from destruction by big-box development.   It's called "Preserving Small Towns" and has a lot to offer, not only to we few eccentrics who think there may be more to life than what we're going to buy next, but to anyone who seeks a balance between growth and the need to preserve the quality of life of our communities.   Don't miss the write-up at Water Buffalo Press.

And despite our general rule here on the Street of concentrating on local topics, for the single best comment we've seen on the relentlessly unfunny Don Imus, turn also to the Buffalo.   We think he's a little too easy on Imus, who deserved to go.   But we share Water Buffalo's libertarian concerns and especially his "problem with some characters who have once again taken center stage in this drama."

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