Tuesday, April 24, 2007


On the local political scene there's been heightened interest in the last year or so in the town of Pittsford .   Commenting on it recently, we noted, by way of background:

Two years ago, convinced they'd win the Pittsford seat in the county legislature, Democrats ran a limousine liberal dabbler so clueless he couldn't get the Democrat and Chronicle endorsement (practically a birthright for Democrats in competitive races). . . . No doubt they'll try again with a more realistic candidate.
We called it wrong. It looks like the Democrats are running the same candidate in 2007. Democrat Ted Nixon announced his candidacy for the Pittsford/East Rochester legislative seat on April 12.

The announcement sparked an interesting revelation, courtesy of a press release from County Republicans. According to the Brighton-Pittsford Post's report, Nixon ran afoul of a body called the Fair Campaign Practices Commission in his last campaign by trying to create a false impression of his opponent's stand on an issue. (The opponent was Republican Bill Smith, currently the County Legislature Majority Leader.) The article doesn't give much additional detail, other than Nixon's attempt to explain it away and Republican Chairman Steve Minarik denouncing Nixon for "lying on his campaign mailings."

It would be interesting to learn more of the details.   We'll keep an eye on this race.


Ron said...

Liberal Ted Nixon who will try to portray himself as a Republican (like all suburban Dems)....here we go again!!!!

Philbrick said...

Update: WXXI also carried the story of Nixon's campaign violations.

Itchy said...

Minarik bitching about someone else's ethics? That's a laugh...