Tuesday, April 3, 2007

First Day Off the Job

Two-party government got off to a shaky start in Pittsford, according to people on the scene last Sunday.

That's when Mayor Bob Corby and Town Supervisor Bill Carpenter held a press conference with concerned residents to oppose the State's plan to widen the intersection at Jefferson Road and Route 65. Corby, Carpenter and the leader of the community group opposing the project all stressed significant adverse impacts to Pittsford Village if it were to go forward.

They were supported by a broad representation of the local community, including Republican politicos, Democratic activists, including one of the Democratic candidates in the recent Pittsford Village election, local business leaders and other residents.

Notably absent, however, was Mary Beth Cleary, who squeaked through a few weeks ago to win a Village Trustee seat for Democrats.

Sunday, the day of the press conference, was April 1.

The eve of the first day of her term as Trustee.

The new Trustee may have a steep learning curve.   Lesson One: if you want to be a decision leader, decide to show up.


Rottenchester said...

I wonder if she was told about it. Classic majority vs minority hazing technique is to leave the minority out of the loop.

Ron said...

I hear liberal Ted Nixon is running again of county leg.