Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Elections 2011: County Legislature - Part 1

District 26 -The Agony and the Ecstasy

1.   Don't put pictures of your plonker on the internet.

2.   Calling it "Art" doesn't work.
So easy to leave it at that.   But it would be neglecting half the story of the District 26 race pitting artistic Legislator C. Stephen Eckel against Republican candidate Tony Micciche (rhymes with "ricochet").

Of all its county legislative candidates in overwhelmingly Democratic districts in the City, or including part of it, GOP headquarters regarded Tony Micciche as the one with the best chance, however improbable.   Micciche put his all into this race, knocking on doors and otherwise working the district as if he had an even chance.

Eckel did the opposite.   Acting as if, as a Democrat in a City district he owned the place and was entitled to automatic re-election by right, he did no door-to-door legwork.

Still, in a precinct this heavily Democratic, Micciche's hard work, outstanding character and qualities as a candidate probably wouldn't have been enough to win, without the discovery that Eckel posted on a web site full frontal photos of himself naked.

On Facebook, Eckel emphasized, even celebrated, the disconnect between himself and the district's many culturally conservative Democratic voters, proudly posting each new statewide and national story about his photos as a fresh triumph.

Conversely, had Micciche not worked so hard, publicity over the photos would not have sunk Eckel's re-election.

But Micciche worked hard and the photos came to light.   As a result, Micciche is the County Legislator and Eckel is a martyr to his art.


Anonymous said...

Lets not forget this District has elected a Republican before. John Ferlicca beat long time County Legislator Phil Fedele once and then again in a rematch before later losing his seat in 2001.

This district still has conservative leaning voters within it, although the photos clearly cost Eckel much needed votes.

Eckel should have known better than to have the photos online.

Kielbasa said...

Eckelangelo says the pics didnt finish him. He lost because the D&C didn't do county lej endorsements.