Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Change at Top in County Legislature?

Speculation is rampant this week about potential change at the top in the Democratic caucus of the County Legislature.   Will Joe Morelle doppelgänger Vincent Esposito take out Legislator Ted O'Brien as Minority Leader?   Apparently the effort is under way.

For the Morelle-Esposito axis this makes much sense, giving the latter prime public visibility to help him slide into Morelle's Assembly seat if Morelle gets his sought-after state appointment, or to grease the skids for an Esposito run next year against politically undead State Senator Jim Alesi.

For the Legislature it would mean bad news losing Legislator O'Brien as Democratic Leader.   O'Brien has gained admiration on both sides of the aisle as a true gentleman of high character, bright, thoughtful and calm, who keeps commitments and earns the trust colleagues place in him.   Losing him would render only worse an already too partisan environment.   Esposito's purpose as leader would be as radio receiver playing transmissions from party headquarters.

Can Morelle pull it off?   The legislature's Democratic caucus is notorious as an every-man-for-himself free-for-all.   Members carry nominating petitions to unseat other members.   Ask soon to be ex-Legislator Saul Maneiro.   Defectors to the Republican side are said to describe caucus meetings as a rollicking chaos.   So who can say where anyone will be when the music pauses.

We'll know in a few weeks.

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Anonymous said...

you predicted the wrong change in leadership.