Friday, November 4, 2011

Democrats for Taylor

This week a former Democratic judicial candidate and current party member launched a Facebook page called "Democrats for Bill Taylor."

For reasons only he knows, the page listed names of many who pass for luminaries in the local Democratic scene, including office-holders and others.   Democratic Headquarters immediately had its prodigal son take down the page.   Then it went into full-throttle damage control:   "How do we spin this one?"

Wednesday the party sent a message to its entire e-mail list.   Now, we know Monroe Democratic HQ lies to the public a lot; that's how, every once in a while, it wins an election.   Now it's lying to its own people.

"Dear Fellow Democrats," began the e-mail, a copy of which was sent to Mustard Street by one of our Democratic friends.   "An operative for the Taylor campaign created a Facebook page called Democrats for Bill Taylor."

Whoah.   Pants on fire.   Anything to stir up the base, we suppose.

But the staffer at Democratic Headquarters who's reading this right now knows exactly who put up the Facebook page.   And that it was one of their own.


Monkeytoe said...

I actually feel badly for Doorley. She must really be disliked by those who work for her and with her to be doing this poorly. On paper she seems a strong candidate (putting party aside). She worked up through the ranks to one of the highest positions in the DA's office. But to have law enforcement and others in the know, and who know her work, be so against her. I can't imagine that she is incompetent as a prosecutor? Unless she is one of those people who is promoted up just to get rid of her (public sector jobs tend to do this)? So, I can only figure that she is dreadful to work with and for. I have no knowledge on this, but it just seems odd to me that she has so little support form those in the know, despite her position in the DA's office.

Anonymous said...

Who put up the facebook page? Someone's gotta tell us. It'll help message against Dorrley and her campaign of lies and smears against Bill Taylor.

Anonymous said...

Snady Doorley sent out a mail piece attacking police officers for not endorsing her. I didn't know that's how it works over at the District Attorney's office... you endorse her for her political campaigns or she targets you in political attack flyers. Seems like Doorley is using her government position to carry out political attacks.

She really needs to lose or we can assume more politics will come out of her office.

Sandy Doorley has absolutely no integrity. She's a disgrace to the D.A.'s office.