Thursday, August 4, 2011

Statement regarding potential sale of PAETEC

The news this week of the potential sale of PAETEC to Windstream and the effects that it may have on Midtown once again show that there is a need for new leadership in City Hall. In no way should the process have moved this far along without a more binding agreement being made between PAETEC and the City of Rochester.

Strong and clear leadership was clearly left wanting while blind hope and pandering ruled the day. As we have unfortunately become accustom, City Hall proved again what happens with lack of foresight and common sense.

While I agree that Midtown mall needed to be demolished, it does concern me that City Hall was able to be towed along as far as it was without any contracts in place. Actions of this nature are unacceptable. When elected to City Council, I will advocate for the public and oppose such willful pandering and bring the strong and clear leadership that the City so desperately needs.


Anonymous said...

Rensquare redux: turnabout is fair play. Welcome to real estate. As for PAETEC, movement towards or publicity about the purchase of a new building either intentional or not forced the hand of its suitor.The suitor jumped in before contracts were going to be executed.

Folks that truly are surprised don't follow equity markets with regularity. Otherwise, one was left long ago with the impression that there was intent to sell PAETEC. On the contrary, foresight and common sense had everything to do with it, all one had to do was read the financial statements.

Anonymous said...

This article is an example of pandering. Its apparent, the author is attempting to gratify or indulge the reader for the purposes of getting elected. The only thing strong and clear about this post is it exemplifies the disconnect among would be public officials and the private sector.

Anonymous said...

The author of this article in an attempt to be elected to city council, has REVERSED his position of PAETEC moving to Midtown from when HE was an employee OF PAETEC up until January of this year. We have enough hypocrites in office, we don't need more. The essence of leadership is taking a position that is helpful, thoughtful and puts the public's needs first. Your opinion should not change just to benefit you.

Richard Tyson said...

To Anonymous #2, With minimal research you would have been able to determine that I left PAETEC much earlier than this past January. I was an employee of Verizon Business all of 2010. Second, In september I posted that we should approve of the fact that the city was willing to back a loan to PAETEC in the amount of $16.5 million to encourage this process along. At no time did I advocate for the process to move forward without a more solid agreement between PAETEC and the City of Rochester.

My opinion hasn't changed whatsoever. Please take the time to educate yourself on ones positions prior to commenting on an opinion piece.

To Anonymous #1, Your comment is nothing more than platitudes. Do be specific as to where I am simply pandering and where the disconnect is.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Richard Tyson;

Rather then being reactive, maybe a more proactive step, especially for readers, is to exemplify your leadership style and your connection with the private sector and government by providing a strong and clear vision for a new ferry plan.

After all, we do want you to get elected. Right?