Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Change We've Been Hoping For

For once, the conservatives, both the tea party variety and the mainstream conservatives, didn’t buckle in the face of the media condescension that usually makes girlie men of Republicans in tight places.


Anonymous said...

Politicians won and America lost. Mainstream conservatives buckled big time and Republicans got no where except to agree for status quo starting with the addition of another "super" committee. Much ado about nothing; all one has to do is follow the financial markets before and after this so called debt deal.

The only group that got recognized for not buckling is the tea party and, of course, for the wrong reasons. Obama now has a political strategy for reelection due to this perceived stubborness to find common ground.

Anonymous said...

Why is it the Republicans always surrender? Notwithstanding the media swarm's comments that the tea party "won" the debt ceiling debate, the numbers say something very different. The debt will increase by over $1 Trillion immediately, while all the "cuts" are actually out of future spending increases. Its like Boehner took a page out of the Pataki/Bruno/Skelos playbook and declared victory for "cutting the budget" when in fact he did no such thing. And what happened to Tom Reed? It didn't take him long to get in bed with the Washington Establishment. What a disappointment.