Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Setback for the Doorley Campaign

District Attorney candidate Sandra Doorley has been let down, once more, by the Monroe County Democratic organization.

The Democratic office had sought to collect enough signatures on nominating petitions to get Doorley a second line on the ballot, under the name of the "Integrity Party."   Word on the political street was that they were even soliciting paid petition-passers to get the job done.

Team Morelle blew it again.

As of today, when petitions submitted by mail, by the post-mark deadline of Tuesday, would have arrived at the County Board of Elections, Democratic headquarters hadn't submitted enough signatures.

Without the Conservative or Independence lines, and having lost even the Working Families line, Ms. Doorley remains in situ as a candidate with but one ballot line, facing an opponent with three.


repoman said...

It seems almost impossible that the Democrat organization can be this inept. New York State has been relentlessly trending left for years but Monroe County has remained an island of GOP influence. We have benefitted from astute political leadership while the Democrats have not had an effective leader since....who? Molly Clifford? Larry Kurlander? I really can't remember. Obviously, Joe Morelle has been struggling.

Anonymous said...

Fran Weisberg was the last Dem leader who presented a real threat. She engineered the Tom Frey win over Morin. Since then its been Keystone Cops at Dem HQ. Molly Clifford? Surely you jest. As for Morelle, he's always been a puzzle. Its clear he wants to run for Congress but he seems to be doing everything in his power to really disappoint if not totally tick off his fellow Dem activists. When he finally gets his opening (if ever) he may find he's lost his own base.

Anonymous said...

Although to some it may seem historically a political irony, the Republican party, especially in Monroe County, has effectively promoted women candidates. The same cannot be said for the Democrats, especially under Morelle. Call it gender bias on his part, but he and his party do not care about their female candidates. They throw them under the bus (and females like Doorley allow it). Morelle isn't invested in the DA race because it serves no purpose for him and his good ole boys. The takeaway? If you are female and wish to run for anything but a City Council or School Board seat, you'd better be a Republican or you will be hung out to dry with your panty hose!!

Anonymous said...

This posting is interesting! I love politics, but, cannot pretend I get this series of events. First, he blows the opportunity to run his hand selected candidate. Then, he blows the passing of WFP petitions and the committee on vacancies picks Taylor. Then he has to go to the mattresses to keep the WFP from issuing the Wilson Picula to Taylor...then he tries to pass petitions for a Dorley second line and fails! Now he has labor off the reservation and they endorse Taylor as well!
As any operative of the "wanna be" level would say...WTF! Republicans should raise money for Democrats to keep Joe Morelle on board! He flat assed cannot play!!!!