Monday, November 15, 2010

Update on Buerkle vs. Maffei Vote Count

As possible pathways to victory for incumbent Representative Dan Maffei dwindle, Maffei now appears to be targeting absentee ballots of senior citizens in Onandaga County, in order to suppress the vote for Ann Marie Buerkle.   Onandaga election officials begin counting absentees on Wednesday.

Friday's count of absentee votes in Monroe and Cayuga Counties increased Buerkle's lead to 729, with the count now at 100,314 for Buerkle to 99,585 for Maffei.

That's not counting the 270 Cayuga and Monroe votes challenged, mostly by Maffei.   As most are ballots from Republican, Conservative and Independence Party voters, it's likely most would go to Buerkle once allowed by the judge.

Wayne County counts absentee votes today.

The Buerkle campaign advises that, district-wide, Republican voters submitted 1,000 more ballots than registered Democrats.   In the largest county in the district, Onandaga, 500 more Republicans than Democrats votes by absentee ballot.

Ann Marie is in Washington today for the orientation for new members of Congress.

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