Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To the Editors of the Democrat and Chronicle

Re:   Alesi vs. Wilmot

Eat your hearts out.

Especially after your cheap trick yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Funny to see Chris Wilmot over at Smugtown lamenting the cruelty that his poor helpless sister suffered in this election. Wilmot ran a dirty race from the start and had the unerring support of YNN and the D&C in all her attempts at scandalizing Alesi. Both candidates were trading low blows and elbows by the end of the race, but ultimately the best man won.

After pouring all that money into the race, I wonder if the Dems will decide to go after Alesi again in two years?

Anonymous said...

In no particular order:

1) Alesi was the Republican who led the parade in defying Minarik's order to boycott the D&C endorsement process. That they turned on him so hard once they had (in their minds) a chance of beating him is more than ironic. I wonder if Alesi will show up for the interviews the next time.

2) YNN is now firmly in the Lefty camp. Their coverage in previous years had been pretty good, but with the arrival of Liz Benjamin and her crew, YNN has become another NYC-culture driven, liberal cabal. Time to turn the channel to 10 or 13.

3) Notwithstanding the local successes with Hanna, Johns (!!) and Alesi, the Statewide situation is a total disaster. Time for the GOP to (again) start rebuilding.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the Wilmot campaign filed complaints with the Fair Practices folks, not about the facts of Alesi ad claims, but only about the pictures in the ads! Never once did Mary Wilmot dispute where she got the money. When your own party AG candidate returns the money...when other candidates of your party return it...and when you keep it, you are what you are!
Mary Wilmot is and was what the ads said..."Unbelievable" And, Chris Wilmot having a temper tantrum about it is wrong as well!

Anonymous said...

Assume the "cheap trick" you're talking about was the D and C's hatchet job on Alesi that appeared in the paper on election morning.
Very different from the usual Jill Terrieri piece, she usually gives a mostly straight presentation. Looks like an extensive re-write by her editors, who are the ones driving the political mission at the D and C.