Monday, November 1, 2010

Soft Landing for Wolford

It appears that Monroe County Democrats are skittish about the chances of appointed-Judge Kelly Wolford in tomorrow's election.

Wolford worked for the District Attorney's office before her appointment.   From inside the DA's office we learn that District Attorney Mike "Nifong" Green has kept Wolford's old position open for her, in case voters give her the thumbs down tomorrow, as political observers expect.

Badly beaten in both the Conservative and Independence primaries, Wolford appeared until recently to be doing little campaigning beyond billboards -- always a dead giveaway of the political amateur.

Now her campaign has come out with a mailer comparing her Republican opponents, each an elected judge, unfavorably to candidate Wolford.

Material from a sitting judge even as mildly negative as this is unusual and hints at desperation.   Last year County Court Judge Brian McCarthy, like Wolford an appointee seeking election for the first time, went negative against his Republican challenger John DeMarco.   It backfired badly, as DeMarco beat McCarthy handily.

Wolford's record with mailings isn't good.   During the primary, Wolford sent a mailing to enrolled Conservatives, attributing a flattering quote to "Hank Love, Conservative Party Member."   An inquiry to the Board of Elections by Conservative Party Chairman Tom Cook disclosed no one by that name in Monroe County who's registered as a Conservative.

"We have 3 registered voters under that name but they are not enrolled Conservatives, and our records do not show any history of such enrollment,"
wrote Election Commissioners Peter Quinn and Tom Ferrarese, in response to Chairman Cook's inquiry.

No wonder County Democrats are holding open Wolford's old spot in the DA's office.   Looks like she'll be needing it.

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