Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who'd Have Believed It? -- Newspaper Criticizes Duffy!

Here on Mustard Street we're high on Mayor Duffy.   Our beef isn't with him but with the Democrat and Chronicle in giving the Mayor, as it does to all Democratic officeholders in the City, a free pass.  You never see the critical, sustained, scrutiny to which the D&C subjects suburban Republicans.

So who'd have thought we'd see criticism of the Mayor, even as mild as this, in a piece on presumptive Senator Caroline Kennedy:

Robert Duffy, the mayor of Rochester, complained that when the would-be senator visited the Democratic headquarters there recently, she did not respond to pictures in a conference room of her father, mother, brother and herself as a little girl.   Isn’t it creepy to expect her to emote on cue?
No, no no.   Not in the Democrat and Chronicle.   We said newspaper.  

It's from Maureen Dowd's column in this morning's New York Times.

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repoman said...

This was great.

When I saw the headline, I struggled to remember reading any criticism of Mayor Duffy in the D&C.

Then I got to the punch line!

You're good!