Monday, January 5, 2009

A Paterson - Duffy Ticket?

There are rumblings that Mayor Duffy may rank prominently among possible running mates for Governor Paterson next year.  Some are speculating that this may explain Duffy's unusual (for a mayor) support for the Guv's budget proposals, even though they reduce state funds to cities, including Rochester.

If that's the only factor driving this speculation, then we think it's wrong.  Our take on the Mayor is that he's too much of a straight shooter to be posturing that way if he doesn't really believe the Governor's proposals represent the necessary, if harsh, medicine necessary to cure an out-of-control state budget.

However, from Paterson's perspective there's much -- including the geography of it all, the Mayor's high popularity in the region as well as the city, and a fawning and uncritical local press -- to recommend Duffy as a most plausible candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

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