Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Massa Wins National Attention

As a moron.   Or, alternatively, as a fraud.

So Massa wasted several times the amount of energy he needed for 300-mile trip . . . in order to make a point about the importance of conservation and alternative energy. Sadly, Rep. Massa's capacity for theater and obliviousness to reason likely means he's on his way to a very successful career in politics.
Also noted on Famous DC and Instapundit.

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Rottenchester said...

I'm still looking for a conservative critique of Massa that has some teeth. I'm sorry to say that this one is no better than your colleagues who post the least attractive photo of Massa they can find.

"Moron" is perhaps the worst of the bunch. Anyone who's listened to him speak or watched his well-run campaign knows that it's not the work of a moron.

"Fraud" - what does that mean? Massa himself labeled his trip to DC a "publicity stunt". A fraud is one who expects others to take their publicity stunts seriously.