Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What Happens in Albany ...

... may not necessarily stay in Albany much longer.

This, at least, is the speculation of some Republicans about a looming prospect for David Koon that could be more unpleasant than running as his party's sacrificial lamb against Maggie Brooks this year.

East Rochester Republicans have taken a real burn to Koon running his son Jason as Democratic candidate against popular incumbent Mayor David Bonacchi. Apparently Bonacchi delivered a blistering stemwinder at a GOP fundraiser earlier this week, denouncing the elder Koon for asking Bonacchi to help out Jason and introduce him around town when Jason moved to East Rochester last year, which Bonacchi did, only to run him against Bonacchi now.

With the passion of a man who believes himself wronged by someone he considered a friend, Bonacchi, if the recounting of his speech is any indication, appears ready to take the gloves off, and his GOP compatriots in East Rochester seem to be in the same frame of mind.


Jason Koon said...

It's more like....

What Happens in East Rochester...
...never really happened in East Rochester at all.

I cannot and will not speak for my father but I'm very excited that Mr. Bonacchi is "ready to take the gloves off." I was unaware that the "gentleman" ever wore them.

As for Mr. Bonacchi's statement, that he was asked to "help me out and introduce me around town" when I moved to East Rochester is a complete fabrication. My family and I moved to the Village 4 years ago not last year (If you want to make up stories about me, you could at least get the parts that can be true correct!). Furthermore, I can't seem to remember a time when "The Mayor" actually introduced himself to me, let alone took the time to introduce me to anyone else. I'm also very sorry that Mr. Bonacchi feels "burned or wronged" by my interest in running for his seat. But, as long as he brought it up... every East Rochestarian who pulled that DEMOCRATIC lever and elected him as our Democratic Mayor has had to feel a little burned or wronged themselves for the past years, feeling abandoned after Mr. Bonacchi changed parties shortly after entering office.


" It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit."
- Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Want to eat those words now Mustard Street?

Philbrick said...

Eat them?

We feasted upon them some time ago, in two sumptuous sittings commemorated here and here.

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