Thursday, May 17, 2007

Then Again, Maybe it's Not Koon

The idea of a David Koon campaign for Monroe County Executive may be fading into oblivion.

Mustard Street's sources tell us that in recent weeks the putative candidate was rebuffed twice, first by Democratic Chairman Joe Morelle when Koon asked for money for a campaign; then by Mayor Bob Duffy when Koon asked for funds to do a poll.

The smart money knows the score.

Word is that the name on the ballot for the Democrats might even be a junior County Legislator. But right now, anything could happen. Anything, that is, besides beating Maggie Brooks in November.


Rottenchester said...

Your original story was interesting, but I wondered why he'd leave his safe seat (which might go Republican if open) for a real uphill battle. I guess the answer is "he wouldn't".

Philbrick said...

It may well be that Assemnbly Democrats wouldn't want Koon to vacate the seat, out of concern that it might revert to a Republican. (Before Koon it was held by Jim Alesi).

But from Koon's perspective he'd be risking nothing, since he's in the middle of his term and doesn't have to run for re-election this year. Therefore if he ran for Exec. and lost, he'd remain in the Assembly.