Saturday, November 1, 2014

One-Way Ticket to Funke Town

Candidates who lose sometimes get a court order after the election to impound voting machines and absentee ballots.  Winners don't do this, because they have no interest in questioning the vote.

State Senator Ted O'Brien isn't waiting for election night.  As if admitting it foresees Tuesday's outcome, O'Brien's campaign didn't wait.  It filed this week for court orders to impound machines and absentee ballots.

A final Sienna poll on the Funke-O'Brien race is expected tomorrow.


HenryWoods said...

Just heard from Midwest operative. He heard about the Slaughter/Assini race on the national news. I suppose it's never too early to think about 2015. Since the Republicans held the Senate, Joe Robach may lose interest in the County Executive race. Mark Assini may gain interest (assuming the absentee ballots don't go his way) due to his excellent showing against Louise Slaughter. And don't forget Cheryl Dinolfo. How does this change the dynamics of the choice for the 2015 Republican nominee for County Executive. Also, any word from the Democrats yet? If you can't post this comment, could you please otherwise opine?

Anonymous said...

And who is running against Doorley?