Friday, November 1, 2013

Local GOP proves once again it could care less about the City of Rochester

Today Maggie Brooks came out to endorse Lovely Warren for Mayor. I find it odd that the top Republican Executive in Monroe County is quick to endorse a Mayoral candidate from another party when she wouldn't even endorse the Republican candidates for City Council during her last run for County Executive, to include Andy Rau and myself. Further proof that Republican leadership in this County could care less about the City of Rochester.


Anonymous said...

Or, maybe...just maybe, it's because the Republicans are desperately trying to distance themselves from the insane wing of the party because of all of the damage you folks have already done to our country? Real Americans are tired of you and are taking our country back.

BTW, this is no endorsement of Lovelry or her party. It's just I'd prefer poor management to insanely evil any day.

Anonymous said...

couldn't care less.... not could care less.... Could NOT care less.

Your Middle School English Teacher