Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Give It to Me Local

Thursday's Democrat and Chronicle story about the coming snowstorm used a graphic from channel 2 in Buffalo, and linked to a video from the Buffalo station.

The same day's news that an Indian tribe wants to put a casino in Rochester broke in The Buffalo News -- nearly 12 hours before the D&C got around to it.

Recently the D&C changed its Section A, where it prints the world and national stories we all read on the internet the day before.   It consists now of a generic USA Today insert, with a D&C wraparound page or two.

They still seem to produce locally Section B.   That's where they print the Rochester and state news we all read on Rachel Barnhart's twitter feed the day before.

The slogan for the D&C's marketing effort to migrate readers to its website, in anticipation of ending print, is "Give It To Me Local."   Owned by a company in Virginia, trending as illustrated by the examples above, the only thing local about the D&C is the damage it inflicts on this community through its corruption and its lies, documented over the years in this site and in the perception of discerning readers.   "Give It To You Anal" is a more fitting slogan and a more truthful one.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Philbrick...we missed you! I am looking forward to three events concerning the D&C. The retirements of Jim Lawrence, race baiter in residence. The exit of Karen Magnuson, who took the newspaper from "not very good" to a joke! And, the day when all that is local is sports, because at least they try to get it right!

Newspapers used to be the "soul" of a community. This paper, sadly, only serves a small part of our community and has no soul.

Rottenchester said...

Excellent post. My business partner always says "you can't shrink your way to fame and fortune" yet that's exactly what Gannett is trying to do.

The Gay Tattler said...

Back in the mid-70's there was a convention of all the Gannett editors and circulation people from worldwide held at the Top of The Plaza restaurant at Midtown Tower.it was led by Al Neuharth (a couple years befor he launched USA Today)An editor from the island of Guam asked Neuharth how to properly pronounce 'Gannett'?
Was it GAnett or GAYnett?
Neuharth replied "the proper pronouncement is Money!"

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how this is any different then Mustard Street being created, registered, and hosted by companies based in Reston VA.