Monday, July 30, 2012

D&C Criticizes County Legislature

Your piece over the weekend is laughable at best, Jim.   You had the ability to advocate for two minority voices to be added to City Council this past year with Andy Rau and myself and wrote us both off.   So much for your commitment to "diversity."   You complain about anything having to do with the Republicans at the county level but have no problem with continuing the mentality of managing problems in the city with a lack of a plan to solve them.   You and your fellow suburban-resident editorialists are part of the city's problem.

One example:   Maggie Brooks worked how many years to replace the blighted corner on Main St with Renaissance Square and the Democrats burned it down in City Hall.   How many more years will that corner sit looking the way it does today?

The D&C Editorial Page is a huge part of the problem with what goes on in the city, as a consistent enabler of dysfunction.   And the funniest part of it is that other than Max, no Democrat and Chronicle editorialist lives in the city.   You drive in, spout some garbage, and rush back out to the Republican run 'burbs.   If the Republicans are so bad, why don't you move to the city where the Dems control everything completely?

You exercise influence without responsibility, at least until the day in the forseeable future when you stop publishing.   You are accountable only to a corporate management and Board of Directors located in Virginia.   The majority in the County Legislature, and the members of City Council, whatever we think of their performance, are accountable to the actual residents of this community.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, how are you and Rau "minority voices"?

Lucy said...

I'll let Rich speak for himself, but I'm sure he refers to when he and Rau ran as Republican candidates for City Council last year.

If either had won, he'd be the minority party on the Council.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rich for summing it up so succinctly.

It is disgustingly obvious that the D&C Editorial Board are nothing more that anti-Republican/Conservative hypocrites who do their best on a daily basis to try to help Democrats win seats in GOP-held areas.

Even their reporters are part of the program, especially Dave "I Call Elected Officials F***ing A**holes" Andreatta.

The D&C is in the hip pockets of Joe Morelle and the local Democrat Party.

When they atrt treating both sides fairly, the public will stop viewing the paper as not worth the recycle bin it get tossed in.

Do your job D&C, not the will of the Democrat bosses.

P.S. - I especially like your pointing out the Suburban Sprawl of the newspaper big-wigs. That hate the very same people that lead the suburban towns these choose to live in.


Hypocrites every single one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Gay Tattler said...

It's a losing battle with Jim Lawrence and other liberals at the D&C.When the democrats rule over City Council,or The County Legislature,or The State Assembly,
or The Senate,or The House,it's
always..."the will of the people..
or..democracy in action.."
When the republicans win and gain control of a legislative body,it's
Liberalism is a Disease.The terrible reality is you can speak the truth to a liberal...but you can't make them listen.
Over 50 years of demos' running the City of Rochester and look at the results.No wonder Lawrence lives in the burbs.

Richard Tyson said...

Andy and I offered the ability to add non Democrat voices to City Council. One from the NW portion and one from the SE portion of the city. At least the beginning of a two party system to City Hall.

Anonymous said...

We won't have to worry about this as the D & C will soon be out of business.