Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Must Israel Act Before the Election?

Reading about Iran's obvious rush to develop a nuclear weapon, and understanding the implications for Israel, leads me to a prediction.

First, if there's going to be a strike against Iran's nuclear weapon facilities, it's going to have to be made by Israel, because the Obama Administration won't do it.   Nothing original in that one.   Second, they'll have to act before the American election in November.

The current administration has turned its back on two of America's most steadfast allies, Britain and Israel.   And especially Israel.   Prime Minister Netanyahu has to know that absent the pressures brought to bear by an imminent election, the current American administration would not aid in such a strike, would pressure Israel not to do it alone, and would pull the rug out from under Israel if it thought it could get away with it.

And it can get away with it after the election.   But not before.

Our country's foreign policy apparatus spews out claims that Iran is far from developing a deployable weapon.   In the most charitable characterization, these claims are overly optimistic, as the government of Israel understands only too clearly.

The Israeli government also knows that getting it wrong about when Iran will have the Bomb they want can mean anihilation of the State of Israel.

That's why I'm guessing that it realizes it will have to act before November.   Regardless of the timeline for Iran getting its weapon, Israel has to deal with the timeline to betrayal by the current American government.   Assuming the President's re-election, that timeline ends on November 6.

I knows our little blog focuses on local matters, but in my view there's a moral imperative linked up with the survival of the State of Israel.   In a time of open anti-Israeli and growing anti-Semitic sentiment among large parts of the chattering classes in America and Europe, each voice offering counterbalance must speak out, however modest each may be.

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